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4. Dancing Baby II Screensaver
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Currently there are 2782 screen savers on Ultimate Savers available for downloading.

New Stuff Added Recently:

6/29/2004 12:43:24 PM: Living Beaches (1.13 MB)
Ever dreamt of living on your own private island? Download Living Beaches, and you will be transported to the surf and the sand. The waves are hypnotic as the seagulls fly by your private beach complete with palm trees. Watch as an occasional airplane and sailboat float by.

6/21/2004 11:24:14 PM: Daily Horoscope (1.13 MB)
Get the guidance you need daily. Download the Daily Horoscope ScreenSaver and get a glimpse into your future each day. You no longer need to consult the newspaper; your daily reading will be waiting on your desktop. Customize to your astrological sign. Reflect on yesterday, today and tomorrow and learn your astrological traits. Enjoy the mystical animation. Screensaver comes complete with calendar and built-in search bar.

6/21/2004 2:55:45 PM: Calm Before the Storm (1.12 MB)
Witness the rage of the storm as it erupts on the Scottish moor. The storm rolls in as lightning and thunder surround the castle tower as the waves kick up on the shore. Watch as the birds glide through the stormy sky.

6/16/2004 1:42:25 PM: 3D American Flag (1.13 MB)
Show your patriotism as you proudly display the U.S. Flag. Old Glory waves in the breeze as clouds float by the animated Statue of Liberty. Feel the spirit as you sing along to the Star Spangled Banner.

6/4/2004 2:17:58 PM: America - Land of Liberty (737 KB)
Show your patriotism by displaying this animated slideshow complete with photos and quotes from some of America’s finest historical figures. Download the full version for 15 additional inspirational photos and quotes, animated for your enjoyment. Get in the spirit with the musical score.

6/1/2004 1:25:03 PM: Tropical Sunset (877 KB)
The iridescent colors of our tropical sunsets are truly breathtaking. Savor the magic of a full-blown sunset as the day turns to night and back to day along with the allure of ocean waves in a tropical setting. The tropical scenes come alive with 3D sailboats, seagulls and billowing clouds. Ocean sounds make your tropical sunsets complete. Download the premium version for two additional tropical scenes - one featuring a resort that lights up at sunset.

5/27/2004 1:22:09 PM: 3D Volcano (740 KB)
Download the 3D Active Volcano for three stunning, volcanic scenes. Steam up your screen and feel the power of an active volcano-complete with flowing lava, blazing fire, billowing steam and smoke. One of earth’s most amazing phenomenon.

5/26/2004 2:41:44 PM: Starry Night (816 KB)
Gaze into the vastness of the night sky that glitters with random twinkling and shooting stars, moon phases and shimmering northern lights over a mountain landscape. Relax and take in the spectacle with this free screen saver.

5/20/2004 1:24:14 PM: Living Spring Gardens (737 KB)
Is spring your favorite time of year or do you just enjoy the beauty of outdoor gardens? Enjoy our beautiful photographic garden scenes where the flowers appear to bloom right before your eyes! Lush greenery, creature animations, and rippling water effects make for an enjoyable and relaxing screensaver.

5/19/2004 1:19:44 PM: Living 3D Butterflies (970 KB)
Download the full version of Living 3D Butterflies and watch your screen come alive with the beauty of spectacular 3D butterflies. Watch as clouds drift by and the meadow flowers bend in a gentle breeze.

3/18/2004 8:47:40 AM: Living Marine Aquarium
Give your computer an underwater feel with the Living Marine Aquarium screen saver. Tropical fish swim around on your screen with this fabulous screen saver.

12/17/2003 2:05:44 PM: Happy New Year (780 KB)
Happy New Year! This classic screen saver floats the phrase "Happy New Year!" around your screen. See exploding graffiti in the background while listening to party noise makers.

12/5/2003 11:17:54 AM: Christmas Living 3-D Fireplace (1.01 MB)
Drive out the winter chill as you cozy up to our Christmas Living 3-D Fireplace ScreenSaver. Download today and feel warm right down to your toes. Hear the crackle and be entranced by the animated flames as you stoke up your desktop fireplace and send old man winter packing.

12/4/2003 1:45:29 PM: Santa's Workshop (1.78 MB)
Santa's elves are busy creating toys for Christmas. This gorgeous animated screensaver shows Santa's workshop with a beautiful, Old World look-and-feel. The elves gleefully toil away at their workbenches creating their toys, while the snow gently falls outside the windows.


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